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// December 13th, 2009 // Home

Here is my new site for all of my loved fans.andre-fox-3

God bless you all! Check out the site and also my MySpace page which I’ve managed to clean up.

Check out my new CD’s and Media.

I will be releasing a DVD and anther CD soon.

Anyway, enjoy my new site, listen to my music, watch some videos, and if you like, buy an album or two at the store!

God Bless and Love Ya All!

2 Responses to “Andre Fox”

  1. jackie says:

    nice website…how about plugging a list of where you will be PERFORMING??? like every first THURSDAY of the month at Mojitos & Tapas in Warrenton beginning Feb. 4, 2010…
    and dropping off some CD’s so we can peddle them for ya?

  2. dwight says:

    I am working on it honey…

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